About Us
Founded in 1985 as Murray Aviation, National Airline’s extraordinary ability to provide comprehensive cargo and passenger services are the result of over twenty years of cargo, passenger, ad hoc and scheduled air service.

Tom Quehl, the company’s president, sums up the corporate philosophy succinctly. "We provide solutions."

Our Services. Currently we are operating the DC8, Jetstream 32, and Saab 340 passenger aircraft. Immediate departures are possible with all of these aircraft, because we invest much time and energy in the training of pilots and maintenance personnel. Our pilots are highly trained, service-oriented, and thoroughly knowledgeable about the most current flight technology. Our maintenance personnel meet or exceed safety standards for each aircraft, making certain that each is ready to go at all times.

We Work for You

At National Airlines, everything we do is aimed at maximizing our ability to preserve your productivity and efficiency.

National Airlines works hard so that your transportation needs are met!

Most importantly, we understand the urgency of your cargo and passenger needs and have made a total commitment to efficiently fulfilling them. We know that in critical situations, profits, deadlines and safety are at stake. We do everything we can to assure that none of these are compromised.

Convenient passenger service. In today's airline environment it is increasingly difficult, expensive, and time consuming to travel. The benefits of chartering a plane or taking the corporate shuttle mean that we leave at your schedule, fly to the airport closest to your destination, and return when your work is completed—without the complications of public transportation. Many times, our passengers can eliminate overnight stays and be back in the office the next day! Corporate managers recognize the value of maximizing time in the field while minimizing lost time.

All National Airlines employees strive to ensure your flight is exceptional!

At the same time we offer flights that are convenient, cost effective, and secure. With National Airlines, you can have private air travel at a price that is competitive with public air travel!

State-of-the-art, efficient, and fully equipped. Our fleet of aircraft are some of the newest, most efficient and well-equipped for cargo or passenger transportation. Our entire operation is enhanced by the use of equipment such as international satellite phones, Global Positioning Systems, computer assisted flight and weather plans, and sophisticated computer-aided flight tracking. To enhance safety, each passenger aircraft is equipped with an Automatic Emergency Defibrillator (AED), therapeutic oxygen, and first aid kits. Our crews are highly trained in the use of all emergency equipment and are Red Cross certified in first aid, blood borne pathogens & CPR.

Unsurpassed commitment to fast deliveries, competitive rates & total service. In situations where the life blood of a business is dependent on a single shipment, we do more than commit to making fast deliveries. We commit to making fast deliveries with unsurpassed levels of performance, reliability, and customer support.

Reliable, professional dispatch. Dispatchers and operations personnel arrange, manage and expedite flights while also keeping the customer updated during the entire shipping process. All dispatchers are FAA Part 121 licensed. We believe our reputation as one of the best in the industry results from our dedication to customers' needs. Our commitment is to safety, security and reliability.

Dedicated employees. With over 100 dedicated employees, National Airlines is committed to providing the most dependable, cost effective transportation solutions in the industry.